What Is Dementia?

Has Someone Close to You Been Diagnosed with Dementia?

Dementia means a significant impairment in cognitive abilities, including memory, judgment, language, concentration, and the capacity to carry out familiar tasks. Those with dementia will get progressively worse in their ability to make decisions and care for themselves. If they are not engaged and using their mental faculties, they need a change in environment that will nurture their remaining cognitive abilities.

The Best Course of Action

The best course of action is to plan for this memory decline.

Insight Memory Care Choices can help you through the phases of memory loss, while focusing on the safety of the individual and their quality of life.

It is never easy to move someone out of their home, but memory loss knows no boundaries. There comes a time when the care demands are greater than you can handle. The time to make a change is before it becomes an emergency.

Insight Memory Care Choices



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