Sandra’s Story

My parents were a complete team in their senior years.   This partnership worked very well until my father suddenly died.  In a brief moment, I realized I was going to have responsibility for my mom’s care and I really didn’t know where to begin.  That was in 2002.

My mom had dementia and she had no intention of leaving her home.  Her judgment was impaired and she was unable to handle her finances. Her safety also became a major concern as she had a bad fall one night and couldn’t get up off the floor.  I had to find the right community where she would be well cared for and treated with compassion during her journey with memory loss.  Her need was now immediate and I wanted guidance.

I began researching assisted living options for seniors in the Bay Area.  There are many care choices and communities vary in what services they provide, from Independent Living all the way to nursing homes.

It was during this research phase that I became motivated to learn all that I could.  I became a licensed California Administrator for Assisted Living in 2004.  I managed a large community of 100 residents, including a separate memory care neighborhood.  This is where I really learned to evaluate resident care needs.  Even more important was the accountability to make sure everyone received the care they needed.  Memory care was personally very important to me as my mom was continuing to lose more of her memories and her ability to communicate.

After my research and work inside senior communities, I realized there were very few independent professionals actually helping families through the community selection process. I opened Insight Memory Care Choices in 2009.  The goal of Insight is to provide the guidance families need to make the right choices for their loved ones, meeting their physical, emotional and social needs while remaining compassionate about the unique challenges every family experiences. I was very fortunate to have my mom let me know I had done the right thing in placing her in a community. After several months, she called it her home. Our Insight families have also felt a similar sense of relief and peace of mind knowing their loved one was living in a good place.

Caity’s Story

Before earning my college degree in social work, my interest in working with families began during high school when I assisted my mom in her pre-school for children, ages 3-5. I started my career as a social worker in Arizona working closely with families, both in their homes and throughout the community. 

Coming from a large multi-generational family, I always enjoyed my interactions with seniors.  When I relocated to the Bay Area, my career focus shifted to helping seniors and their families in the Assisted Living field.

For several years, I worked as the Sales and Marketing director for a national Assisted Living company.  During this time, I was able to offer guidance to families trying to figure out the best next steps for their loved one.  I felt such compassion for the seniors and families making these choices in changing health circumstances.

I joined Insight memory Care Choices in 2019 because it offered me the opportunity to work hand in hand with families as they navigated finding the best suited community for their loved one. There is so much personal satisfaction in making a difference at this time in a senior’s life.   I love meeting with families and hearing stories about their lives and family. My goal is to provide compassionate guidance and support through this stage of life while also suggesting the best solutions based on the care, support and financial parameters.  

Insight Memory Care Choices can help you through the transitions of an aging loved one, while focusing on their care and quality of life.