How Insight can help you find the right community for your loved one?


  • Your call begins with an informational conversation about your loved one and their physical care and social needs, factoring in geographic and financial guidelines.
  • Each senior has their own life story which is important to know and understand before recommending any placement options.  Insight has personally reviewed all recommended communities to determine the level of care each provides, including staff training, management stability and the range of social engagement.
  • A home social assessment usually follows to understand how they have been living, their care needs and their current sociability interests.
  • Community tours are scheduled without your loved one’s initial involvement. Insight will accompany family members to help with information gathering.  This protects the senior’s dignity and it’s easier to discuss their needs if they are not sitting with us.
  • When a senior is involved in the decision process, they then usually tour the favorite family choices.  Editing the number of communities is much less overwhelming and easier for the senior to make a decision.
  • Our goal is to match your loved one’s care to a community that is appropriate on the day they move in and that will enable them to age in place through the end of life.
  • Sandra and Caity will also assist with suggestions to make the moving process go more smoothly for everyone involved, including any required paperwork or additional resources.  Helping families understand these steps reduces anxiety for the decision makers as well as your loved one.
  • Our guidance will help manage expectations for families who are moving a loved one and reduce stress for everyone.
  • The community, selected by the family, pays a referral fee to Insight Memory Care Choices for introducing the family to their facility.  This enables us to help families at no cost to them.